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We Are Ready To Assist You!
We Are Ready To Assist You!


water filtration sanitization

Medical, Commercial, and Industrial Water Purification Equipment

Commercial/Industrial Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems

We offer many makes and models for all applications and types of water. Call us whether you're looking to replace your RO or are in need of a complete system. We can service most manufacture's units. We also carry a complete line of membranes and parts compatible with all ROs.

Medical RO Units and Systems For Dialysis

We offer medical water purification equipment and systems for dialysis units and hospitals.

  • Pre -Treatment Systems

  • Post-Treatment Systems

  • Accessories and Consumables

water softeners


We offer a complete line of commercial and industrial softener systems and Fleck valves. We have resin, brine tanks, valve-rebuild kits and parts for most models. We also offer a rebuild program where you can send us your valve, and we will rebuild it for you. Need on-site service? Give us a call!

Carbon Filters

We offer a complete line of commercial and industrial backwashable carbon filters and Fleck control valves. Call us for a complete unit or for repair parts and service. We also have a complete line of supplies for rebedding filters, including carbon and eductors.

Storage Tanks and Repressure Systems

We carry a full line of both cone-bottom and flat-bottom tanks, along with a variety of level-control packages and vent filters. Select the right size tank for your available space from our many sizes.

Booster and Repressure Pump Packages

We carry a complete line of pumps, including Grundfos, March, Iwaki, and many others; for any flow or pressure needs. Call us to select the right pump for your application. 

Cartridge Filters

We have cartridge filters available for any application. Filters come in all micron sizes and flows. Choose from: spun, pleated, or hollow fiber. Remove suspended solids, bacteria, and/or endotoxins. We have specialty filters for removing chlorine, hardness, total dissolved solids, etc. Buy a replacement filter or complete filter housing.

Industrial Filters

Call us for a whole-building filter or for plant-cooling water filtration. Many choices of filters are available for large filtration jobs.

Ozone - Commercial Laundry

Oxidation systems are available for all sizes of commercial laundry washers. Go green and save money on all utilities plus chemical and labor costs. Improve the quality of your load and shorten your wash time.

Call us to request a no-cost, no-obligation survey of your facility to estimate the savings available for you. We offer rentals, leases and the purchase of systems, to fit your budget. Save more than you spend each month on a rental or lease-to-own unit, with guaranteed results. Demo units can be installed. Call us for details.

Water System Sanitization

We offer ozone units for sanitizing water distrubution, piping, and tanks. Portable and wall-mounted units are available. All systems include safety, alarm and monitoring features. Units are sized for your application.

Special Applications

We provide ozone units for many applications, including ozone in water systems for sanitizing and disinfecting, and ozone in air systems for odor and germ or microbial control. Call us to discuss your options.

  • Surface Sanitizing 
  • Food Processing or Packaging 
  • Container Rinsing 
  • Drinking Water Problems 
  • Dairy Applications 
  • Wineries 
  • Any Other Special Application 
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